Platform Capabilities

A system of modular capabilities allows the The FutureProof Retail platform to serve different retail formats. Capabilities can be mixed and matched by whitelabel or location.


The FutureProof Platform began as a pure self scanning application and grew over time in response to the needs of merchants and customers. Now it includes a variety of capabilities designed to allow different retail formats to fully digitize their customer interactions.

The core platform involves an application for shoppers and a separate application for staff that mediates shopping, customer service and promotions. The shopper application comes in two flavors: Universal, for use by multiple smaller retailers, and Private White-label, for larger brands.

Additional capabilities include product marketing, order-ahead counter service and a special loss prevention system that is more secure than a standard checkout lane.

To learn about the specific goals these capabilities are designed around see the full platform benefits.

App for shoppers

App for Shoppers

iOS and Android app that provides the benefits of online shopping in physical stores.

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Mobile self scanning

Mobile Self Scanning

Scan and buy products in-store with the shopper app, and much more.

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App for staff

App for Staff

A multiplatform app for customer service and store control.

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Lp checkpoint

Loss Prevention

Prevent abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers or staff.

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Private White-label

Retailers can own the relationship and the install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps.

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Universal app

Universal App

The platform includes an unbranded generic shopper app which can be used to discover and buy from multiple retailers.

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Checkout Beacon

The Futureproof checkout beacon is an integrated, secure alert device for mobile self checkout.

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Counter service

Counter Service

Allows customers to order from service counter menus, both with and without the app, both in advance and in store.

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Customer service

Customer Service

Provides channels for customers to give feedback and retailers to address their concerns.

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Easy to learn

Easy to Learn

Contextual help and a streamlined interface makes the platform accessible to shoppers and line staff with limited app experience.

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Marketing tools

Marketing Tools

Utilizing the platform's unique data and communications opportunity to increase sales.

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The platform is flexibily designed in order to make new integrations, embedding inside other apps and extending with new features easy.

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Store specials

Store Specials

An update to the traditional circular the shopper app makes specials more visible, relevant and timely.

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Scannable scales

Scannable Scales

Scannable scales allow shoppers to buy bulk items like fresh produce by weight.

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System management

System Management

Administrator tools allow fine tuned control of each user and store location.

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Self install kit

Self Install Kit

Everything needed to setup mobile self scanning and a loss prevention checkpoint in one box.

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Full service setup

Full Service Setup

We offer full service integration, setup and even program management through qualified partners in North America and the EU + UK.

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Integration With Existing Systems

The FutureProof Retail platform is designed to complement a retailer's existing software, not replace it.

The platform is architected with a special emphasis on integration and extension in order to provide for a retailer’s long term use without causing lock-in or system conflict. It supports 2-way data integrations to existing POS, loyalty and back office software via a number of flexible methods, along with the capability to operate independently of other software. It is a complement to the retailer’s existing back-end software and it does not disturb existing processes or require new training for back office staff.