App for Staff

A multiplatform app for customer service and store control.

Store staff can monitor and control platform activity via the staff application which is available on Android, iOS and via the web. The staff app provides realtime system status, customer history and tools for loss prevention, customer service, and marketing. Hierarchical accounts limit staff members' access to only what they need. The staff app can also be locked into specific modes to provide counter service fullfillment, kiosk ordering for customers, and checkout loss prevention.

Easy to learn

Easy to Learn

Contextual help and a streamlined interface makes the platform accessible to shoppers and line staff with limited app experience.

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Lp checkpoint

Loss Prevention

Prevent abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers or staff.

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Counter service

Counter Service

Allows customers to order from service counter menus, both with and without the app, both in advance and in store.

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Customer service

Customer Service

Provides channels for customers to give feedback and retailers to address their concerns.

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Marketing tools

Marketing Tools

Utilizing the platform's unique data and communications opportunity to increase sales.

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System management

System Management

Administrator tools allow fine tuned control of each user and store location.

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The platform is flexibily designed in order to make new integrations, embedding inside other apps and extending with new features easy.

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App for shoppers

App for Shoppers

iOS and Android app that provides the benefits of online shopping in physical stores.

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This capability is part of the full FutureProof Retail platform. See below for more related capabilities or browse the full capabilities list.