Company Backgrounder

Future Proof Retail (FPR), a software development provider, delivers an easy-to-use, white-labeled check-out app, Mobile Checkout, to shoppers. Based in New York, NY since 2013, FPR has a strong reputation for making the shopping experience faster and more convenient for consumers, and more profitable for store-owners. By incorporating self-scanning and bagging with seamless store set-up and utilization, FPR is helping store owners revolutionize their shoppers experience while increasing profits.

FPR helps store owners to

  • Reduce merchandise handling
  • Reduce lines and wait times
  • Reclaim floor space for high profit products
  • Increase impulse purchases by pushing product suggestions to shoppers Gain knowledge of the shopper’s buying habits

FPR is unique because, with Mobile Checkout, they deliver a sustainable, competitive advantage to store-owners that results in increased profits through a better shopping experience. Mobile Checkout provides an effective alternative to traditional loyalty programs and utilizes cutting-edge coding techniques to provide a seamless, intuitive, user-friendly experience to both shoppers and store owners.

Executive Biographies

The FPR leadership team has vast experience and deep-knowledge in both technology-development and business growth. This tight-knit team of creative, self-driven industry experts has poised FPR as the front-runner in mobile check-out and as the leader in the future of this industry.

William Hogben - CEO

Will, a mobile application developer and entrepreneur, has created industry-leading mobile apps for the past seven years. His first app, Mr. Shuffle, was one of 500 in the original AppStore launch. Will’s apps have been featured by the New York Times, rated #1 in Entertainment, awarded Best in Category at CES, and tweeted by Zuckerberg.

Di Di Chan - President

Di Di, an entrepreneur and public relations expert, has over 15 years of experience in fundraising, event planning, industry research and education. Prior to FPR, she founded Di Di’s Events and OIM Education, coordinated a million-dollar fundraiser for the All Stars Project, established and maintained alumni groups for UCLA and NYU, planned the first Salt Lake City Kitchen Incubator project, and founded one of the best private education prep camps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What problem is FPR solving?

The largest consumer complaint when shopping is a lengthy wait at checkout. Mobile Checkout turns every smartphone into a point-of-sale system. This translates into a more pleasant (faster) experience, and many more return customers.
In the traditional shopping model, the largest merchant issue is customer retention and currently-faulty loyalty programs. Store owners are trapped in a pricing race-to-the bottom by offering loyalty card programs. Shoppers collect numerous loyalty cards, and utilize whichever is necessary wherever they happen to be shopping. This isn’t true loyalty. Mobile Checkout allows for a faster experience, and frees up grocery staff to assist customers in more meaningful ways. This creates a better experience, which creates true loyalty and repeat customers.

What is the biggest hurdle FPR faces?

Grocery is a very old industry, and merchants have been traditionally resistant to changing the format of the shopping experience; however, shoppers are ready for a solution. Merchants need to hear that shoppers are ready for change, but addressing the natural psychological resistance to change will be FPR’s largest stepping-stone.

Is the FPR-solution unique? If not, what is different than the competition?

There are other self scanning providers with limited capabilities. The biggest difference is they require the shopper to complete the transaction at a traditional cash register or a self checkout kiosk. FPR’s solution is unique in that the transaction from scanning to payment is completed entirely on the shopper’s smartphone. FPR shoppers do not wait in line.

Who does FPR provide services to?

Mobile Checkout is available for any retail merchant. The app is presently in use at grocery and fast fashion stores, with expansion into big box stores, convenience, and airport retail coming soon.

How does FPR address concerns of shoplifting?

Some merchants have voiced concerns about theft when allowing self-scanning in their stores. However, there is a better chance of catching a shoplifter with Mobile Checkout. A shoplifter is looking for anonymity, but in order to use this app the shopper must sign up for the program, enter contact information, and have a picture taken. It is important to note that FPR is simply propelling existing self-checkout lanes into the future, and all data on self-checkout systems has shown no increase in shrinkage.

What is FPR’s mission?

FPR increases revenue and net profits by improving the shopping experience, retaining more shoppers and creating the ultimate loyalty program. FPRs ultimate mission is to revolutionize the entire shopping industry.

How long has FPR been in business?

3 years

What is the next step in FPR’s growth?

FPR strives to be the first and best in new technology. Mobile Checkout is always being updated with additional features and functionality. Future functionality additions include:

  • Shopping list builder and product reminders
  • Automated coupons
  • Recipes inspired by products scanned