Checkout Beacon

The Futureproof checkout beacon is an integrated, secure alert device for mobile self checkout. The checkout beacon provides real confirmation of digital transactions which can otherwise seem abstract.

How it works

The beacon defines a physical space for the mobile checkout to occur. It's presence empowers the shopper with upfront, clear response to their actions. It makes the merchant aware of each shoppers individual progress. For both parties the beacon embodies the digital work happening behind the scenes, providing trust and assurance.

Clear Direction

Adding a checkout beacon to a retail location gives clear direction, moving the shoppers through the checkout process quickly. The merchant is kept aware of transactions that need further assistance, so the line can be reduced or eliminated without confusion or ambiguity.
beacon glow

Distinct Notifications

Notifications have rich, saturated colors and distinct tones which are unambiguous. To alert the shopper and merchant that a successful checkout has occurred, it plays a success chime and strobes green. In the event further information is needed, chimes are sounded with a more urgent, strobing aqua light. When buying age-restricted alcoholic beverages, the “page merchant” chime and blue strobe would prompt the shopper to present their ID for age confirmation.

Quick Start

Quickly connect the beacon to your wifi network. Later on, enjoy over-the-air firmware updates and configuration. It remembers your configuration if it gets unplugged, or the power goes out.