Frictionless Checkout

Everyone hates waiting in line, just 3-5 minutes can feel like an eternity. Turn your lines into loyalty with line-free mobile checkout. Deploy instantly to thousands of locations and make people happier than registers, self checkout kiosks, and even "just walk out" systems. Plus, it comes with all the tools and support neccesary to manage and market at scale.

Mobile Checkout for the Win


Frictionless shopping that's scalable and cost-effective, available to any retailer of any size.

There's nothing better for personalized marketing, the app provides smart suggestions at the point of decision.

Flexible enough to support a wide variety of store formats, the app becomes the heart of the customer relationship.

This is how we go frictionless


Super Fast Checkout

Customers scan and bag items while they shop, then checkout and pay, entirely on a smartphone. With an average checkout time of 12.7 Seconds, Mobile Checkout customers will have more time to shop and visit more often.

Intuitive Process

This mobile checkout is for everyone, optimized to provide effortless utility from the first use; perfected in a retirement community, we made sure our UX passed the "grandma test" before launching in 5 industries on 3 continents. If your grandma can use it, anyone can.

Serious Loss Prevention

Shopping requires a valid email and photo ID, and our trust algorithm flags some or all purchases for audit depending on the retailers preference. Across thousands of audited purchases, 99.8% of bagged items were self-scanned accurately.


Optimized Signup

Sign up is a cinch, just email and selfie.

No one wants to make another password, so if you need to log back in you just tap a link in your email.

Your selfie helps create a high trust relationship. The photo keeps the customer safe from unauthorized account use while also creating accountability for misconduct.

Want to get savings or earn points? Optionally connect a loyalty membership by entering phone number or scanning a card.

Seamless Startup

Customers are automatically geolocated to your nearest store location.

The welcome page displays general location information, a button to start shopping, along with featured specials and promotions.

Our extensible platform allows the welcome screen to display custom features and content, making this not just a checkout app, but the front page of your store.



Frictionless Shopping

Customers scan items with the camera to add them to the app's shopping cart, where they can see a running total as they shop including promotions and sale prices.

Scanned items can be removed from the cart or quantity adjusted by either the customer or a staff member. All in-app activity can be monitored via the control center.

If an item doesn't have a barcode or is sold by weight shoppers can look it up in the app, or scan it in via an interactive scale.

Smart Recommendations

An improvement on the traditional circular, the shopper app makes specials more visible, relevant and timely.

Customers can save favorite deals and specials to remember them later, and see the savings applied to their total while they shop.

Reach customers at the point of decision by pushing basket based suggestions for higher margin items. I.e. customer scans chips, recommend store brand salsa.



Frictionless Counter Service

Customers don't have to wait in line to place an order or wait while it's prepared, freeing them to keep shopping.

They can order via the app at the store, or ahead of time and schedule a pickup. A push notification confirms that the order is ready.

Customers without the app can order from a microsite, or at a kiosk near the counter. They'll receive a text message confirmation along with a bump to try the app.

Learn More about Counter Service


Customers pay how they like, with single or multiple cards, Apple Pay, and more.

Custom payment integrations can be added on request - for example our system for SPAR Belgium uses the local Bancontact payment apps.

Payment information is tokenized and stored by the payment provider themselves for maximum security.



Choose between two checkout methods depending on your size and needs. Direct customers to scan a code to check out, or allow them to check out anywhere in the store.


With Code

More Familiar, More Secure

After confirming the total, customers proceed to a designated checkout area to scan a QR code. This facilitates interactions with staff and allows for random auditing of bags, checking of ID for alcohol and better customer service.


Without Code


With the tap of a button the transaction is done. Customers can checkout anywhere in the store and payment is processed immediately.


Make transactions sing by adding a Checkout Beacon

Green Beacon -
Purchase is approved. Good to Go!

Blue Beacon -
Staff assistance required - either the customer is purchasing age restricted items or has been selected for a random loss prevention audit.

Learn More about the Beacon
Learn More about Loss Prevention

Engaging Email Receipts

Receipt are available in the app and sent by email.

Each receipt email provides an opportunity to show offers and connect with the customer outside the store.


Customer Service


Respond to customer questions and feedback via the app for fast resolution of issues.

Build relationships with your customers and keep them coming back for more frictionless checkouts.

Get direct and private feedback where you need it to improve your store easier and faster.

What Customers are Saying

Amazing. Fairway has taken self check-out to the next level! I was scanning items as I was placing them in my cart. Skipped a line with 30 people and went straight to the checkout! Saved 15 minutes and so easy. Wow!

elevy - App Store Reviews

Not to be dramatic, but @FairwayMarket's mobile checkout app is life changing.

@lalashoots - Twitter

@FairwayMarket You guys nailed it with the mobile checkout app! Saving me so much time. THANK YOU! 👍

@zcking587 - Twitter

This is a game changer! Super seamless checkout process and let me skip the line. I'll come to fairway over whole foods because of this app!

Alexis - Play Store Reviews

Deployment Options

Your frictionless checkout experience can be deployed as part of our universal application that works at many stores, or you can own the install with a fully whitelabeled app in your brand.


Universal App

The universal application has generic branding until it detects that it is at your store, at which point it adopts your brand and offers shoppers access to your specific capabilities. Designed to support the needs of smaller merchants who do not require a whitelabel, the universal app also helps attract new shoppers through it's discovery features. Shoppers get the app by downloading Express Checkout on the app store.


Private whitelabel

Own all the branding and the install with a fully private whitelabel of the platform, including colors, logos, app store pages and related microsites and services. Private white-label is deployed via your own dedicated apps on the app store, allowing you to own the install on your customers' devices.
See a Whitelabel Example

Fast and Easy Setup

Proven best practices take the guesswork out of launching your program.


Pick Your Plan

Pick the plan that fits your business. We'll discuss your needs and schedule next steps by phone.


Setup & Test

We'll work together to get your payments and systems connected. You can test everything live before launch.



Launch progressively or all at once. Tune and grow your program in response to your customers. We will be with you every step of the way.

Get Started

Ready to try it out in your store or lab? Pick a plan and lets get started: