Easy to Learn

Contextual help and a streamlined interface makes the platform accessible to shoppers and line staff with limited app experience.

The shopper and staff applications are designed to be accessible to novice app users for maximum customer adoption and to avoid costly staff training. All functions are streamlined to make them understandable and new users are walked through their early interactions by contextual help popups. Detailed usage analytics are used to optimize the placement and content of help popups, while built in FAQs and easy access to customer service provide a catch-all for further questions.

App for staff

App for Staff

A multiplatform app for customer service and store control.

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App for shoppers

App for Shoppers

iOS and Android app that provides the benefits of online shopping in physical stores.

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System management

System Management

Administrator tools allow fine tuned control of each user and store location.

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Full service setup

Full Service Setup

We offer full service integration, setup and even program management through qualified partners in North America and the EU + UK.

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Self install kit

Self Install Kit

Everything needed to setup mobile self scanning and a loss prevention checkpoint in one box.

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This capability is part of the full FutureProof Retail platform. See below for more related capabilities or browse the full capabilities list.