Universal App

The platform includes an unbranded generic shopper app which can be used to discover and buy from multiple retailers.


The universal application has generic branding until it detects that it is inside a compatible retail location, at which point it adopts the retailer's brand and offers shoppers access to that retailer's specific capabilities. Designed to support the needs of smaller merchants who do not require a whitelabel, the universal app also helps merchants attract new shoppers through it's discovery features.


Private White-label

Retailers can own the relationship and the install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps.

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App for shoppers

App for Shoppers

iOS and Android app that provides the benefits of online shopping in physical stores.

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The platform is flexibily designed in order to make new integrations, embedding inside other apps and extending with new features easy.

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This capability is part of the full FutureProof Retail platform. See below for more related capabilities or browse the full capabilities list.