Loss Prevention

FPR employs a lightweight multilayer loss prevention system rather than relying on expensive video cameras and sensors to track customer activity.

4 Layer Loss Prevention System

Layer 1:

Shopper Identities

All shoppers self-identify to access the service. This protects their accounts and establishes trust between shopper and merchant. It also deters intentional thieves who want to remain anonymous.


Tools for loss prevention officers

Layer 2:

Real Time Visibility

Store staff can monitor in-store activity in the Staff App. Staff can identify shoppers by their selfie, view basket contents and activity, and flag shoppers for bag check or other investigation.

Layer 3:

Security Checkpoint

Retailers can define the Bag Check Process (how often, how many items) to sample a portion of bags and keep track of shopper honesty. Our trust algorithm will automatically distribute bag checks where they’re needed most and ensures that all customers are checked regularly. Customers can reduce the frequency of bag checks by scanning items correctly.



Layer 4:

Retroactive Review

Cross reference time stamped shopping behavior with video footage to get the real story. Flag offenders for intervention or prosecution.

Our Loss Prevention Results



using only photo ID, clients saw 50% Reduction in Loss

Convenience/Grocery Store

99.81% Accuracy
Out of 180 days: performed 12,889 bag checks, sampled 65,192 items; only 127 unscanned items!

Loss Prevention Advantages

Customizable Loss Prevention Program that can
adjust to your store
Proven success in the market
Can easily connect with other Loss Prevention Hardware

  • RFID Security (partner Nedap)
  • Security Gates (partner Wanzl)

Optional Features


Checkout Beacon

The Futureproof checkout beacon is an integrated, secure alert device for mobile self checkout. The checkout beacon provides real confirmation of digital transactions which can otherwise seem abstract.
Learn more about the beacon

Security Gates

Instead of the Beacon, retailers can opt to add security gates.
Instead of the “green light”, a QR code is displayed in the app that enables the customer to open the security gate. If a bag check was triggered by the system, a store associate has to approve the purchase before the QR code is displayed.



RFID Tags / EAS Integration

Retailers who use RFID tags on their products can integrate their EAS system with Mobile Checkout.

  • An RFID scanner in the checkout area detects the products the shopper has in the cart.
  • The identified products can be charged directly or be compared to the products the shopper has scanned
  • Once the customer pays, the RFID tags get deactivated.
  • This approach can also be used if e.g. only high price items carry an RFID tag.

Modular and Adaptable Solutions

A full set of tools meets a wide range of retail requirements.

Self Scanning App

Everyone hates waiting in line, just 3-5 minutes can feel like an eternity. Our mobile checkout app eliminates the lines.

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Staff App

View transactions in real time, audit purchases, provide customer service,and fulfill orders, in the Staff App.

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Control Center

Manage store settings and staff accounts and view performance metrics all in one place, on any device.

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Order Ahead

Customers can place orders at in-store service counters, restaurants, food trucks, and more. Works with the mobile checkout app, or standalone from a kiosk or microsite.

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Loss Prevention

A multilayered loss prevention system prevents abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers and staff.

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Marketing Tools

Increase sales with weekly specials in the app, coupons, loyalty, personalized recommendations and in-store navigation.

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