Loss Prevention

With Scan & Go customers and retailers enter a trust relationship. The retailer offers convenience by eliminating wait times and allowing customers to pay on their phone. In return, customers provide personal data to be able to shop with their phone. Rather than relying on expensive video cameras and sensors to track everything a customer does, FPR’s solution uses a lightweight multilayer loss prevention system.


Layer 1: Shopper Identities

All shoppers self-identify to access the service. This protects their accounts and establishes trust between shopper and merchant. It also deters intentional thieves who want to remain anonymous.

Tools for loss prevention officers

Layer 2: Real Time Visibility

Store staff can monitor in-store activity in the Staff App. Staff can identify shoppers by their selfie,and view basket contents and activity, and flag shoppers for bag check or other investigation.


Layer 3: Security Checkpoint

Retailers can define the Bag Check Process (how often, how many items) to sample a portion of bags and keep track of shopper honesty. Our trust algorithm will automatically distribute bag checks where they’re needed most and ensures that all customers are checked regularly. Customers can reduce the frequency of bag checks by scanning items correctly.


Layer 4: Retroactive Review

Cross reference time stamped shopping behavior with video footage to get the real story. Flag offenders for intervention or prosecution.