Fast Fashion

FutureProof's mobile platform brings the convenience of online sales to physical stores, enabling fast fashion retailers to offer a VIP shopping experience to each of their shoppers while cutting lines and increasing sales.


Customers shop at their own pace without worrying about long checkout lines. They get personalized recommendations as they are shopping, and reminders when their saved specials are about to expire. Every purchase is an opportunity to leave direct feedback for their favorite fashion retailers. When the shopper has selected and scanned their items, checkout is as simple as scanning a QR code. The merchant app allows staff members to monitor and control the entire shopper journey, helping them add value with when they interact with customers.

FutureProof Powers Hong Kong’s first Scan and Go Fashion Discount Store

Imagine the joy of a traditional bargain treasure hunt AND a hassle free seamless mobile shopping experience.

Powered by FutuerProof Retail’s line free mobile checkout platform, Scan & Go 掃貨站 (S&G) is the first mobile shopping discount store in Hong Kong. Bridging the gap between ecommerce and in person shopping, S&G offers their shopper both money and time savings in a new retail format that’s made possible by FutureProof Retail’s line free checkout platform.

Fashion Capabilities

For fashion retailers, both service and speed are essential in providing a good experience for their customers. FutureProof’s mobile platform for fashion is designed with the following capabilities specifically to help fashion retailers offer their customers both a convenient shopping experience and real-time personalized offerings.

Mobile self scanning

Frictionless Checkout

Everyone hates waiting in line, just 3-5 minutes can feel like an eternity. Our mobile checkout app eliminates the lines.

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Lp checkpoint

Loss Prevention

A multilayered loss prevention system prevents abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers and staff.

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App for shoppers

App for Shoppers

Transform the in-store shopping experience with best-in-class apps for iOS and Android.

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Private White-label

Own the install - and the customer relationship - by deploying the platform as a private whitelabel.

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App for staff

App for Staff

Understand and control the customer journey with a multiplatform tool suite for you and your staff.

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Checkout Beacon

The Futureproof checkout beacon is an integrated, secure alert device for mobile self checkout.

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Platform vs App

What's different about the FutureProof platform compared to mobile self scanning apps?


The FutureProof platform is designed to grow with the retailer's technology needs over time without causing lock-in. It is independent of the retailer's specific point of sale and back office software which frees it from the typical upgrade cycle. It is fully cloud hosted and regular updates bring new features to shoppers and staff. Unlike third party branded apps the grocer owns the install, allowing them to replace FutureProof should another solution better fit their needs - without losing any of their users. This is why it is called "FutureProof."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What about loss prevention?

Self scanning customers must share their identity to use the service and are a retailers best behaved guests.

Shopper's provide a photograph, name and payment information along with additional identifiers relating to their phone. The identification deters deliberate criminals who rely on anonymity to get away with bold thefts.

More impulsive shoplifters can be deterred and detected by installing one or more Loss Prevention Checkpoints, which along with unique sweethearting detection make self scanning more secure than a standard checkout or self checkout kiosk.

How are RFID and Magnetic security tags handled?

Most kinds of security tags can be accomodated using the system, including RFID and magnetic based ones.

RFID tags on a shopper's items can be marked as sold when the shopper completes their purchase at a checkout beacon, preventing false-positives as they leave the store.

Magnetic security tags can be removed at the checkout beacon either by staff, or through an automated system that allows the shopper to insert the tag and tap their phone for proof of payment.

What about our existing app?

Retailers who have existing apps have three choices when deploying a FutureProof white-label:

  1. Replace the existing app. FutureProof will work with the retailer to submit the whitelabel as an udpate to the existing app. Customers who have the existing application will be prompted by their device to update the application and will download the new FutureProof white-label in it's place. This is recommended for retailers who's applications do not provide unique functionality or are under-performing.
  2. Cross-link the apps. The FutureProof white-label app will be submitted to the app stores along side the existing application, and an easy link added to the FutureProof white-label that allows 1 tap switching into the existing application. This is recommended for retailers who's existing application is popular and provides unique capabilities, for example eCommerce ordering. Customers of the FutureProof app will be able to switch into the existing application to order for delivery with 1 tap, and switch back when purchasing in the store.
  3. Embed the white-label in the existing app. The platform is designed in such a way to allow it to be embedded in existing applications. This option allows a retailer with a critical application to insert any of the FutureProof white-label's capabilities into their application. As the FutureProof team may need to make changes to suit the specifics of each situation this option is by special arrangement only.

How much does it cost?

Mobile self-scanning offers the lowest combined cost of checkout of any method and pays for itself.

FutureProof Retail offers two pricing models for line-free checkout and/or counter service:

  • SaaS with a monthly subscription
  • Software license for retailers who use FPR’s platform to jump start development of their own customized solution

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