App For Shoppers

iOS and Android app that provides the benefits of online shopping in physical stores.


The shopper app allows customers to digitize their interactions with physical retailers. Shoppers sign up with their email and a photo in order to interact in a retailer's store, including mobile self scanning, line free checkout, order in-store and order ahead, requesting customer service, getting product information and more.

The shopper app is available on iOS and Android and can be used as a retailer-specific whitelabel or across multiple small retailers with the universal app.


Private Whitelabel Available

The Shopper App can be deployed as a whitelabel allowing retailers to have their own app on the Apple and Google Play stores, complete with their own branding and custom capabilities. Shoppers like whitelabels because it's the brand they know and trust, while retailers prefer it in order to own the install and the shopper relationship. More Information


Line Free Checkout with Mobile Self-Scanning

The shopper app allows customers to scan items, adding them to a virtual basket. When their shopping trip is complete they can perform a line-free checkout with the app, making shopping more pleasant and convenient. More Information


Order Ahead and In-Store

Instead of waiting to be helped at food counters shoppers can place their order using the app and get a notification when it's ready. This works for ordering ahead as well, and can be done by non-app shoppers via kiosk or web. More Information


Useful Specials

App customers don't need the paper circular because they get notified when specials change through the app. They can save specials at home and get a reminder when they're close to expiration. Making specials easier to take advantage of helps shoppers appreciate the value offered at a store. More Information


Personal Customer Service

Every shopping trip includes the opportunity to give feedback or get help, increasing shoppers' connection to the retailer. When shoppers have an easy way to share their concerns they are less likely to use public forums like Facebook and Twitter. Star ratings also provide a metric for measuring store experience and a baseline for improvements. More Information


Streamlined Store Operations

The FutureProof Retail platform removes the need for specialized and expensive equipment and instead uses off-the-shelf hardware to empower shoppers and the store team.

Mobile self scanning

Mobile Self Scanning

Scan and buy products in-store with the shopper app, and much more.

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Counter service

Counter Service

Allows customers to order from service counter menus, both with and without the app, both in advance and in store.

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Store specials

Store Specials

An update to the traditional circular the shopper app makes specials more visible, relevant and timely.

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App for staff

App for Staff

A multiplatform app for customer service and store control.

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Easy to learn

Easy to Learn

Contextual help and a streamlined interface makes the platform accessible to shoppers and line staff with limited app experience.

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Customer service

Customer Service

Provides channels for customers to give feedback and retailers to address their concerns.

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Private White-label

Retailers can own the relationship and the install by deploying the platform as their own-brand staff and shopper apps.

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Mobile self scanning

Mobile Self Scanning

Scan and buy products in-store with the shopper app, and much more.

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Universal app

Universal App

The platform includes an unbranded generic shopper app which can be used to discover and buy from multiple retailers.

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This capability is part of the full FutureProof Retail platform. See below for more related capabilities or browse the full capabilities list.