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Deploy Express Checkout

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We are donating our line free checkout solution free of charge

for grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and other retail establishments that serve essential community needs while there is a national state of emergency.
Line-free mobile checkout is a cleaner and safer way to shop without the need for cashiers to handle customers’ items, and allows customers to practice social distancing by purchasing items without waiting in line.

Free Service Includes


Line free mobile checkout

with your own branding via the Express Checkout app


Associated control systems

for store staff and headquarters management


Easy CSV integration

for importing products and prices, and exporting transaction logs


Customizable communication templates

including email, social media and in-store signage


Rapid self-deployment

(3 working days)

To learn more, book an info session with us. We are providing deployments on a first come first served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my stores qualify for free service?

All grocery stores, supermarkets and pharmacies qualify if they are in any area currently affected by the public health emergency. Other stores qualify if they sell necessities customers depend on, please inquire.

How long does free service last?

We will keep the service free until the national public health emergency passes. Afterwards, there is no obligation to continue using the service -- you can choose whether to switch to one of our paid plans or turn it off.

How does the app get pricing information?

You can upload pricing information as a CSV file following this format. The format allows for most types of sales and coupons offered in stores, and depending on requirements, we may be able to modify it to accommodate specific needs.

How do I keep track of sales?

Transaction logs are available for download in CSV format. They contain all the typical information from a register transaction, including each line item, sold at price, taxes, deposits and payments. See sample transaction log

Why is mobile checkout safer than traditional registers or self checkouts?

When customers shop with the app they scan their own items, minimizing the number of hands on the products they buy. They also do not need to touch touchpads at the cash register. Unlike a self checkout, customers do not need to physically touch any hardware in the store - when they checkout the process happens entirely on the phone. This reduces the likelihood of customers getting infected, or infecting other customers and staff. Additionally, customers do not need to wait in line, reducing the time they are in close proximity with other customers.

What operational steps are needed for mobile checkout to alleviate crunch times and long lines?

You must make shoppers aware of the mobile checkout option before they can make use of it. Our clients have been able to get 20-30% of customers out of line during peak busy times by assigning staff to present the option to customers at the entrance of the store, at the back of the checkout lines, and over the PA system: For example, read about Fairway Market’s approach here.

What about loss prevention?

You get the same award-winning loss prevention system as we offer with paid plans, which has been shown to provide 99.8% basket accuracy. More information on loss prevention here.

How are payments processed?

For fast deployment, we support Stripe, Braintree, Vantive, and CardConnect. You will need to sign up for one of those accounts if you don’t have one, and we will connect directly to your payment provider.

What training and deployment assistance is included?

In order to reach more people faster, we will provide regular group webinar training sessions to help with deployment. More information will be provided after you sign up.

What do I need to set up inside the store?

You will need to establish a mobile checkout area in your store, close to the exit, where customers using the app can:

-- Scan a prominently displayed QR code to submit their payment
-- Put down their basket/cart and bag their items
-- Speak with a cashier, who uses their own tablet or computer to approve certain purchases (age restrictions, loss prevention)

In addition, if you sell produce by weight, you will need:

-- Scales that are accessible to the customer for them to weigh their own produce
-- PLU labels that allow the customer to identify the produce they’re weighing

Finally, if you also have items sold without barcodes, you will need:

-- Barcode labels with those items’ codes, so that customers can scan them into the app

Can I get a whitelabel app, checkout beacon, custom integration or other features?

Yes, after we activate our core, free services for all retailers who want them. We are focussing on enabling as many people to shop safer before considering secondary / extra services that we may make available on a paid basis. After our national emergency subsides, we will be glad to assist with any additional services you require.

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