Loss Prevention Checkpoint

Prevents abuse of self scanning capabilities by shoppers or staff.

Mobile self scanning customers can be directed to complete their purchase by scanning a QR code located at the store's front end. The purchase is either immediately approved or it is selected for an audit, based on a risk factor computed by the platform that can be customized for each store location. If a purchase is selected for an audit, a signal beacon calls a staff member to help while the staff application walks the staff member through the audit process. Additional features allow remote monitoring to ensure staff and shoppers are complying with audit procedures.

This capability is part of the full FutureProof Retail platform. See below for more related capabilities or browse the full capabilities list.

Mobile self scanning

Mobile Self Scanning

Scan and buy products in-store with the shopper app, and much more.

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App for staff

App for Staff

A multiplatform app for customer service and store control.

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System management

System Management

Administrator tools allow fine tuned control of each user and store location.

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