FutureProof Retail Supports Merchants with New Sale Items Feature

FutureProof Retail (FPR), a leading mobile software provider, announced today the addition of a 'Specials' function to their Mobile Checkout application.

Mobile Checkout is an easy-to-use, white labeled shopping app that merchants can offer to their customers. With this app in hand, customers shop as usual, but scan items as they are placed in the cart. Once the shopping trip is complete, the consumer simply pushes a ‘check out’ button, and pays via their smartphone, credit/debit card, or Apple Pay.
Now, with the inclusion of the specials function, the Mobile Checkout app is able to find current sales items on the merchant’s website, auto-update the app with this information, then push that information out to consumers.
This process saves massive operational time, since the current method of updating specials involves marketing personnel researching items on sale, designing a circular, updating the website and copying each special into a database.
The specials function will also increase revenue for merchants with it’s push notification to consumers. Customers have the option to receive notifications [at home] to view specials, and are able to save liked-items; when the consumer shops the app gives a reminder of these saved specials.
“Mobile Checkout isn’t just a practical solution for consumers,” says Di Di Chan, FPR Founder and President. “This added functionality takes a huge load off the merchant’s plate, while easily increasing profits. We have numerous functionalities within the app that save time and increase revenue for merchants, and are pleased to add yet another to the arsenal,” she finished.