FutureProof Retail releases shopping app as white labeled product

FutureProof Retail (FPR), a software development provider, announced today the launch of their white-labeled version of Mobile Checkout – the retail industry’s first start-to-finish self-checkout app.

Mobile Checkout is an easy-to-use shopping app that store owners can make available to their customers. With this app in hand, customers are enabled to walk the store, scanning items as they are placed in the cart. Once the shopping trip is complete, the consumer simply pushes a ‘check out’ button, and pays via their smartphone, credit/debit card, or Apple Pay.

FutureProof Retail has released the white labeled Mobile Checkout product in El Rancho Market and California Fresh Market. These retailers are now able to brand the app as their own and seamlessly integrate it into their store’s existing identity. The result is a stronger store identity that demonstrates commitment to delivering a fast, hassle-free shopping experience – ultimately creating enhanced customer loyalty.

A new ‘Specials’ functionality (currently testing in Beta) will create additional revenue streams for store owners. With this function, a store’s specials are shown on the user’s mobile homepage, ranked by personalized recommendation (based on the customers previous shopping history). Customers are also able to browse and save their favorite deals ahead of time at home. When ready to check out, the user will be reminded of any deals saved that have not been scanned for purchase.

“The robust features we are continually testing and releasing are a testament to the rapid growth and industry-excitement we are experiencing,” says FPR Founder Di Di Chan. “We are aggressively pursing new business channels and are poised to truly revolutionize the retail industry,” she finished.